Invincible (Poem)

Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

I’m so underrated

I will soon conquer it all

My haters will soon fall

I had to crawl to come back

Just to create impact

I was so trapped

Thought about being strapped

Just so I can adapt

I came back correct

So many showed disrespect

I had to retract

Countless nights up thinking

I’m tired of pretending

I know this is not the ending

13 years in the making, I been writing since I was 8

I know it’s my faith

Let me give it to you straight

I just want to be great

I wanted the riches and fame without the game

To me I got a different point

I wanted the riches without playing ball

I had to walk down a long hall

Just to find myself

Some think this just lines and rhymes

But I really feel this shit

I wrote cage to tell you I was stuck in a cage

I wrote ninth so you can feel my rage

I just want to be rich

Was all my mind was stuck on

This is so uncommon

I no longer feel this way

I refuse to be another fake celebrity that say they about the people but all they do is donate change and walk away

What is money

Just another worry

Everyone shooting like curry

Maybe they shooting for fun

But that usually is not the case

We don’t think about this

Just to coexist

Do we really need another activist

The ones right now are invisible

And I’m invincible

I mean is it really that difficult

These activist are disabled

Through anything we can overcome it

For along time I thought I was invisible

Life been difficult

My dreams were disabled

Things just been intense

God gave me a gift others can’t see

I just wanted to be free

Envied by many

This temper has been lengthy

I gone lashed out on plenty

But why

I’m like a walking time bomb

Ready to explode

I guess that’s just part of my load

I wish I could break the code

Others thinking I’m taking a stroll

But it’s really my soul expressing itself

I wish I could rewind

Through it all I’m invincible


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