Let’s Talk About It: Gun Control

Gun Control is a hard one, I really want to say ban guns because of the recent shootings inside schools and restaurants and places like that. But, I do like exercising the right to carry or to have a gun at home. For protection purposes. I can’t act like I don’t feel for the Parkland Survivors and that tragedy that happened this year. Imagine everyone you knew or just seen every day in the school year get killed right in front of you. Imagine almost dying and no one has an answer for it. I recently seen the survivors win an award like what’s that going to do? How is that good? Rewarded for almost being killed.

I want to say it’s mental health. If so what’s the next step? Is mental health going to be tested more at the doctors’ office or something? Because just singling out that it is mental health doesn’t solve anything.

I personally don’t believe banning guns will solve anything. For instance, it’s always a rule breaker. It’s illegal to drive drunk. Still drunk drivers on the road. It’s just I don’t feel like it will solve the problem.

The reason I believe guns isn’t so bad is guns don’t kill, people kill. It’s cliche but it’s the truth. It’s like trying to blame a car for an accident. Like the person in the vehicle didn’t crash the car into the car ahead of them. The gun didn’t just get up and walk up and started shooting. If I set a gun on the table in front of me, I won’t get shot. Just my opinion. I hope I don’t offend anyone but this is just how I feel.

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