The Past (Spoken Word)

It’s hard to think about my future

Cause my past got me buried in a casket

It did open my eyes to the people that are plastic 

They switch and stretch for anyone like they elastic

It’s crazy how something so long ago keeps on lasting


And I just want to start spazzing 

Cause I’m tired of being played like a game of Madden 

Cause I had to watch my dreams get flatten

I know one day I want to be the greatest 

But it’s hard because of this depression 


It got me detained like I’m in detention 

And it’s here every day like it got perfect attendance 

Like a slave, I just want my independence 

I got to escape so I can finally strengthen 

Maybe I need to get checked 


So I can finally get my blue check

I’m so tired of losing rest

I’m just locked down in a mental cell

Every time I fall I feel like I failed

It’s getting hard to stand and look in the mirror


Each day is like another thriller

Always thinking about putting a chopper to my head and becoming a killer

Just letting my soul sing like Bryson tiller

Sometimes I think I need a woman to build with

I had this one chick


I messed around and let her dip

Maybe I’m just not the loving type

Or maybe I need to get right

Before I can fall for someone I like

Sometimes I think about all the tears that left my momma’s face 


Over the last few years for past mistakes 

Believe me, I wish I could take all the pain away

But I’m not god

Sometimes I wish I was

I’m not the type to express emotions in person


So to really see the truth you got to read between my lines

The truth will always reveal at some time

See me in person and I’ll tell you I’m doing fine

Sometimes I wonder why I keep on lying 


Maybe I’m just too used to not trying 

So I’ll continue to smile on the outside 

While I suffer on the inside 

I’m just trapped in my past

Disclaimer: This is something that was written when I was down. I just thought I would share with the world. As always Like, Comment and Share. Follow for more content like this from yours truly. Also my project, Poetic Gift is Out Now on all Streaming Platforms.

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