Writing Prompt #2

Writing Prompt #2

I stopped coming home when dad wouldn’t stop complaining about my sexuality

I often heard him cry about how he couldn’t believe this was his reality

He acted like I was a criminal or something

Like I had a record or something

Mad at the way I am

You should still love me not put me to shame

I just wish you still looked at me as a human

Instead I was this creature that wasn’t godly

I’m me and I’m not ashamed of me or my body

I had the operation because this is who I was meant to be

And if you can’t accept or love me

Then there’s no point in me coming back home

I can’t even call it home

Not anymore

I can’t even call you my dad anymore

Because you can’t accept your little man is your little girl now

Disclaimer: I really didn’t have a sense of direction with this. I just kind of flowed with it but I kinda like what it came out to. Let me know what you think.

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