Perfect Woman (Spoken Word)

The perfect woman

She would have to be extremely smart

With a body that’s a work of art

The perfect woman need to have a great heart

Her sex would have to be off the charts

She would have to possess a huge ass

So big that I can barely hold each cheek in my grasp

She needs to have class

She has to understand and love my craft

Oh and nice big breast

Hold on, Man this is hard

Because there is no such thing as the perfect woman

Some men will prefer a woman that has a nice body or the brains

And some women will feel ashamed

They don’t feel special no more, they feel like they will never be claimed 

I just want to say not everyone is made the same

Just because you don’t meet one man’s grieve

Don’t mean you need to get surgery

If one man doesn’t like you and wants to change you

Leave him, he is just one of the few

Change for you

What one man don’t love another man will

There’s no such thing as a perfect woman

You keep trying to fulfill some man’s grieve

And he still leaves you hanging like some leaves

You don’t have to please his imagination

You do you

In this world, you don’t need to accompany every mans desire

You live up to your desires

You got to understand that there’s no such thing as the perfect woman

Disclaimer: This is just a fun piece I created to kind of cheer women up. I love when women are themselves no matter who loves them. I hate when someone makes another feel unwanted because of their desires.

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