Abused (Spoken Word)

Some people are physically abused

See that’s the difference between me and you

I was mentally abused

And I don’t know what to do

I just want to be through

Then I look to god like when will I be through

I never get an answer that’s when the suicidal thoughts start to play through my mind

I often dream about making it to the grand stage so I can shine

But I can barely escape my mind

So how will I ever let it all go and really grind

They say wait for your time

But time is the only thing I’m scared won’t last

I’m held back by the past

And I just wish I can finally let go

So much shit that I regret

So much I wish I could take back

I wish I was man enough to stand up for myself

But I wasn’t and I looked for everyone to give me help

And no one reached out now I just blame myself

I’m just so trapped in my own mind

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