Idol: (Spoken Word)

Idol: Is basically words that were never spoken. To someone that wasn’t in my corner like they are now. Someone I felt like I was owed their support. A tough pill to swallow is learning that the support you give you won’t always get that support back. Anyways, leave a like and a comment below. Follow this blog for more from me.


Some days I just can’t believe it’s you 

You use to be my idol 

But somehow you turned into my rival 

For what so you can get that Author title

You and everyone else use to be the closest people to my heart

But over the last couple of years, I rather choose my art

I wouldn’t have seen you turn on me from the start

They say men shouldn’t be emotional but I don’t give a fuck when I say you broke my heart

Use to be my number one supporter 

Turned on me like when KD left to be a warrior

Seems like everything I create you seem to downplay it

And to think I use to care about the things you said

Now the feeling of love for you is dead

Or maybe I’m just lying

But I’m tired of trying

I make this and I make that 

For you to give a clear judgment and you just tell me it’s crap

I don’t even know why I strive to make you happy 

I guess I was just born with that type of mentality 

I made my dreams a reality 

Just to see you spit in my face about it

But I never did it to you

When I was a youngin I watched you go away

And I was cheering for you from far away

And I don’t get that love back I just don’t get it 

I wrote this because you use to be my idol

But somehow you turned into my rival

And I don’t understand 

And I’m still ashamed to say I’m dissing you

When I use to admire you

But I guess everyone in your life got an expiration date 

Just talking about you right now I don’t know if its a mistake

Or you’re just fake

Or maybe it’s faith

Maybe this is a lesson

But you hate me because of something I’m blessed with

But I just want my

You know what I’m not going to say her name

I don’t even want to claim

Just like you did me


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