Top 5 Favorite: Spoken Word Creations

Crush: This was a piece I created where I talked about a crush I had. On someone I never really revealed. It was special because I talked about emotions I never spoke before. Especially for some girl. Crush Audio

My Mind: My Mind was crazy dope. I went in on a lot of things from dealing with my weight. To my coach passing, to talking about football, then about my failed book. You just got to hear it.  My Mind Audio

I’m black: Was really a statement to being black. You know seeing people murdered in cold blood just because the same excuse of I was scared. It makes you fearful of your situations. For the record that is the dumbest excuse, I have ever heard. You have multiple weapons around your belt and you being scared is a reasonable excuse? The victim can’t even say their peace because he or she was shot eleven times or so. Being myself and seeing a cop is like seeing the boogeyman. Or Michael myers or chucky or something. You just feel like your life is about to end. Most of these videos I see the victim is shaky and its probably because they are scared and know how these situations end. Shots ringing in the air and the cop getting let off because he said he was scared. I rambled on that one. Sorry, just a lot of thoughts. I’m Black just brings that fearful side out of me. The fact that when pulled over or approached by an officer I have to put on my best (White)  impersonation. Sorry kind of discriminating. But To maybe get by. If not I can be shot down and my killer is set free. I know I always hear it’s not just black people being killed by police. But that still doesn’t deter away from the fact that we watch multiple people killed on camera by the people that are sworn in to protect. I’m Black Audio

Freeze: I created a scenario in this one. Where as though I’m the victim of a cop shooting. I get pulled over and I’m questioned by an angry cop. To the point where he pulls out his gun and shoots me. It was to show how cops can misuse their power and kill someone without real reason. Freeze Audio

Love Collision: This was a fun one for me. I wanted to do some R. Kelly trapped in the closet type of stuff. So it’s a crazy story about love and disloyalty. It was only one chapter. I never really completed the series. I’ll probably record the chapters later. Love Collision Audio

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