Random Thoughts: Accusation

This really annoys me for some reason. I have never been in this position and I hope I never will. Looking at what people go through with the accusations is crazy because there’s a thing called lying.

People lie all the time. It’s heinous to think that people do this to cover their own butts or to gain some money. Some cases I read about or watch videos on makes me uncomfortable. Seeing how the so-called victim will lie on the defendant because of little stuff. Like they didn’t do what you wanted so you lied to make them look bad. Or guilty in other words.

The worst part of it all when the case reaches the courtroom and the defendant is read the verdict. They come out as innocent and the judgment still stands. So many still continue to think the person is guilty and it drives me crazy. Even crazier when the accuser is not bullied as much as the defendant. It’s like that person never lied on someone for a serious crime.

I guess that’s better than the legal team realizing that the story didn’t add up after the defendant spends multiple years in prison. Losing multiple years that you can’t get back for a crime you didn’t commit has to be the worst. I know you have seen terrible stories like a man goes to prison for 45 years just to find out he never killed so and so. Or raped the victim.

The money you can get back, maybe. Time is something you can’t get back. The love you shared with someone can fade in the amount of time you’re gone. And the fact that someone would jeopardize everything you have going for their personal benefit or to cover up a lie says a lot. I just hope I never run into someone like that.

But back to the main question. Because I feel like I was just rambling. Why does the accusation hold more weight than the actual trial?

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