Book Talk: ​Crushing It!

I haven’t done this in a minute, probably because I haven’t read in a while. But I’m still on the same book. I know I should be done by now. But this book for me is really about learning and taking down life lessons that I can eventually use. Especially with my dreams and aspirations of creating a personal brand.

Anyways today’s lesson learned or more of an idea is creating more content for different platforms. With me, I have been creating content and spreading it to every social media platform I have. This is an idea I may try just to see if my fame sort to say or name gets a better buzz. The problem now is figuring out what to post. It’s somewhat hard to create great content without a second opinion on a certain post. So doing that across other platforms is going to be tricky. But I’ll figure out how to manage.

The tricky part about this is coming out that comfort zone as well. He mentions how he just goes for it and how it pays off for him later. Also how sometimes things don’t work out but eventually it does. That determination to fall and get back up. I know I lack that.

Fear of failure: This part of the book stands out the most. When he listed the excuses he hears on a daily I can say I was in the excuses. Especially when it came to the “I’m afraid I’ll get hate comments”.

Hate comments online don’t really bother me. It really depends on the people on the other end. My problem has always been dealing with the opinions of my loved ones. How he targets this and his advice on it is spectacular. Most relatable part of the book I have seen so far. Be back shortly with another, Book Talk.

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