Random Thoughts: ​Ghost Writer

I feel like sometimes artists that don’t write their lyrics aren’t so bad. To me, rap is made up of 2 components flow and writing. You don’t need both. Some artist can write it better than they can rap it. To me, a song is created like a portrait. The producer/beatmaker provides the canvas. The writer provides the paint. Now it’s up to the artist to finish the masterpiece. 

 That’s my opinion. I admire when an artist can do all of that by themselves but everyone is not built the same. I don’t think artists should be criticized for their writing skills or lack of it. Your not going to always make a hit or banger alone. Sometimes you need help or want help.

 As an experiment, I try to write and flow. It’s not easy. Flow is important. If an artist can flow but can’t write. They may need that ghost writer to bring the flow and lyrics together. Or vice versa. 

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