Let’s Talk About It: Bullying

Let’s talk about it: Bullying https://www.facebook.com/CaidynBennett/videos/110058786566847/


I was just strolling through Facebook when I saw this video and it got me thinking about bullying. I agree with the message if someone hits you hit them back. That was the lesson I was raised on. I agree with that reasoning because most times the bullying stops. What I have encountered is that most bullies don’t go for the strong. They don’t go for the person who has got their hands dirty a couple of times, or even looks like they can do something if a situation is presented. They go for the weak. The ones who look like they won’t hit back if a situation appears.

I have always heard in school that if someone hits you then tell the teacher. But I have witness kids tell the teacher and basically, nothing happens. A little warning here and there. Or a phone call home, that goes nowhere. But then there are situations like this that I see now. Is when a kid is bullied to the point that all they have left is to fight back. They give it their all and bad things happen. They get hit too hard and fall differently and past out. Then that leads to being bullied online because most likely someone recorded. Now it’s everywhere you go someone is making fun of you.

My opinion on it is teachers. I feel like most teachers and principals just suspend the bully. To me, that’s not erasing the problem on either side. One side you got a kid that is hurt physically and mentally because of something that occurred and probably will occur again. On the other end, you got a kid that will come back and do it again to the same kid or another.

I think at some point there should be some talking to the bully. Because their path is going to get very narrow if they keep bothering people. I know there are things like teen court or some type of real life beyond scared straight. I’m talking about a casual sit down, get into their life type of talking. People don’t just beat on or antagonize someone because they’re bored. It’s always a deeper meaning behind it. Something going on at home, or a loss of some sort. We don’t act this way just because.

Then if there’s a deeper rivalry between these two kids. Sit them down and talk it out because life is way too short for these rivalries. That’s just my opinion. Suspending is just another way of putting another kids life problems to the side. Instead of teaching them that it is wrong and making them understand that if your feeling hurt inside that it’s not good to make others feel that way. Life is not your punching bag when you feel alone.

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