Random Thoughts: Perfect Shot

Searching for the perfect shot was at Lake Artemesia, It was an odd little oval-shaped park. Around a big lake. The lake was really dirty but that’s kind of normal. I don’t think I have seen a clean lake in my life. But it was a little hard getting the pictures I wanted.

For starters, the best shots seemed to be on the opposite side of the park. Didn’t really notice until we were halfway around the oval. So it took mighty long to get to the other side. Once there I would say I got some good pictures. Just a mental thing I really like taking seated pictures. Not really the stand-up picture guy.

My friend and I are no professionals but I think we did a good job, I think. I heard taking pictures looking away is a better picture. So I tried to do that.  The next adventure is still to be excited. I like taking pictures in parks and random areas. Maybe because I’m shy and don’t like crowds. But anyways, Check out some of the pictures below.





I’ll probably use this an album cover or something.



Got bored and decided to do a maternity shoot.

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