Monthly Rant 2

Watching the elections is like watching the playoffs. Watching people win in each state to contribute to one party. Sort of like the Eastern and Western conference. So many hopes and dreams of what’s going to happen next but nothing happens.

People still get killed, people still get profiled but I still get to put on a sticker and act as I contributed in a “Major” way. After months maybe years of the same old violence being portrayed in the world and no real change is applied, we resort to our religions to see if that will help.

When the boys in blue continue to shoot. With no cell in sight just a boot off the force. I still get to look on the wall and see my sticker that says I VOTED.

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  1. Wow this is so ignorant.

    You realize that most cops have never shot anyone, and that sometimes coos have to shoot people, right?

    With so many violent criminals shooting people at a much, much higher rate than people are shot by cops, you’d think THAT’S the violence you’d be standing up against; You know, the senseless criminal violence that plagues our streets? Or do all of those people get passes to be violent since they usually have brown skin and we don’t hold those people responsible?

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