Random Thoughts: Why I’m Not Voting?

Why I’m not voting?

I just don’t feel like it does anything. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m 20 years old but I just don’t feel a real change when candidates change hands. It’s like 11 people just died, viciously. Don’t know why? Probably the same old disagreement with a specific cause or person.

The point is, situations like that happened before with other political figures in power. People still die, get kidnapped, commit suicide. It’s the same old story no matter who’s in the job position. I listen to these politicians and all I hear is Cha-Ching. Just money talks.

Like what are you going to do about police brutality? What about the police shooting people? What about people shooting police? What about kids killing kids? What about people who feel unwanted in society? How are you going to shape mental health? What about all these false accusations about people that look like me? What you going do about racial profiling? Nothing, just a lot of unanswered questions. For the next person to step in.

That’s why I’m not voting. Maybe my views will change in the future. But that’s how I see it. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion and this is mines.

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