Monthly Goals: November

  1. Create a Visual Poem. I really like what I have been seeing online and want to mimic with my own poem and Idea.
  2. Get down to 410. I’m currently at 417 and I feel like I can do it. So I’m going to do it. It’s going to be hard with my birthday coming on the 17thand then Thanksgiving soon after. But I’m going to try and manage.
  3. Create more videos of me reciting poems. Like I said before it’s the new wave and I want to get in the habit of reciting them. For future references.
  4. Go back to the surgeon. This one’s hard because with the recent appointments I had, kind of made me lose hope. It feels too late in the process to lose hope but I’m definitely near the edge of pulling out. So hopefully something will change if I get a call.
  5. Gain another 4 followers for the blog. I’m currently at 66 at the time of me writing this. So I hope to get to 70 followers this month.

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