Deep Thoughts (Spoken Word)


I’m suffering from deep thoughts

So much getting under my skin

Money makes your peers look thin

So much shit going on got me feeling like this the end

How can I defend

Dying seems to be the trend

How can I win

Just hit the big 2-0

And I be damn if I don’t have nothing to show for it

Keep my pen on the paper and stay chasing

The voices got to me time started contemplating

People I used to look up to started getting jealous

Picked up the pen and became relentless

So much fake love around me

I see it all my eyes wide open

Every one else eyes closed like a newborn puppy

Now a days it’s all about balling like John wall in Kentucky

You not shit if your pockets not chubby

You not a true baller if your chain not cold like a slushy

The society got so many rules I can’t fuck wit

To be real you got to be able to slide on them like Weezy in trukfit

It’s all about riding with your clique

The same clique that won’t put money on your books

People wonder about the new me

I’m sorry I’m just wearing my scars like a jacket

Knocking down doors like Serena with the racket

I talk my stuff and I can back it

Forget a label

This my career I don’t want to ride shotgun

I always got to drive

Labels won’t ever let you survive

I been listening to, too much rap music to ever take that dive

Look at Weezy can’t even drop the carter five

On top of this moms on my ass

Won’t ever give me a past

I swear I wish I had a million bucks in the stash

So I can get away from the backlash

I just want to get away from it all

So I’m on the mic every second of the day

So I can get away

I’m just suffering from Deep Thoughts

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