Weekly Thoughts #13

  I have been thinking about how my life is starting to change. It’s like I started blogging for so many reasons but I never thought it would help me mentally. By me setting these goals each month and these individual goals each week it helped me mentally. What I mean is by setting minor goals helped me in the long run. I went from complaining to accomplishing. 

Finally met the surgeon. Was it everything I wanted? No. It’s like I want it to go through but something keeps blocking me constantly. I’m just at a point where I got one foot in the door and the other out. I want it but it’s been so many complications that have me thinking maybe I should just work it off. But I have tried that route before and it has just gotten me more obesity. I have been asked God for a sign if this isn’t the way. So maybe this is my sign to leave it alone. Very short this week.

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