5 Things To Do In 5 Years

Release a book: I really want to drop a book. Not just any book, a novel. I want it to really turn heads and make you look at me in a different light. But it’s just I need more time to create an image for myself. I need a fan base because releasing a book with no supporters is pointless. 

Create more Stories: I feel like I abandoned that part of me in a way. I do a lot of storytelling in my poems so in a way, I’m still making stories. But I miss the feeling of creating stories.

Perform: it’s in my head almost every day. I can’t be a Spoken Word artist without performing. It just doesn’t sound right. And I just want to do it. I want to move the crowd with the words I speak on a nightly basis.

Go down a size: losing weight is one thing but when I go down a size then I’ll be happy. Just to be able to wear what I want for a change. Cause big and tall clothes is not it.

Move Out: JUST HAVE TO GET OUT! It’s not that bad but I do want to leave within the next year or two.

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