Weekly Thoughts #12

I finally got the call and is scheduled to meet the surgeon. That sounds crazy just thinking I’m days away from a dream I thought would never come true. So many call this route a shortcut but when you are on this journey you’ll realize it’s not. All the appointments are one thing but the working to cut out almost everything to just have it, is another thing. Also the fact that this is my second time doing every appointment over because of my old appointments expired. Yes, expired. They do expire after you take too long to lose the weight given to you. But anyway I’m days away from my appointment and I can’t wait.

In other news, I created a dope Spoken Word the other day. Messing around with Logic Pro x made me create the exact sound I had for this particular piece. It came out so good but I think I’m going to put it on my full project. That probably won’t come for a couple of months. Just my strategic ways.

Is it bad that I keep creating these random post like top 5 just to past the times? It’s like I want to create more post like behind the scenes and more poems but I be at a dry spell sometimes. I’m not doubting the blogging thing but how do they keep it going? They as in other bloggers.

Also, I lost another 5 pounds. The weight goal for this month I believe I said 415. So in glad to say I’m one pound away from achieving that goal. Many long hours in the gym has been my best friend for losing weight so eventually, I’ll have that goal taken care of.

This week was good except for one specific upset yesterday. When I missed my appointment for some miscommunication. But luckily I got a chance to reschedule for next week. So I’m good cause it could be worse. I have missed appointments and have been scheduled for a date 2 months later so I can’t really complain. This week was a solid 9 out of 10.

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