Top 5 Favorite: Spoken Words

For the record, I have only been listening to spoken word for 2 years. So 5 is all I can give you at the moment, but if you got any suggestions I would be glad to listen or read.  Plus I’m big into Spoken Words that actually RHYME. I just like it more when it does. But if it grabs my attention in another way then I’m going to get attached. Like if the poet is so passionate about what they’re speaking about then they would automatically have me hooked.  So I’m going to list 5 and include links to the video if you want to have a listen as well.

  1. God Bless America By Clayton Jennings
  2. Friends By Trent Shelton
  3. Dear Anxiety By Clayton Jennings
  4. I Am Enough By Daisha McBride
  5. Never Change By K. Exum

To be honest I couldn’t think of 5 and I wanted to plug myself so. Don’t hate me.

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