Weekly Thoughts 11

Weekly Thoughts 11:

I finally took pictures this week. I don’t know why that’s so important to me but I guess I just love seeing myself sometimes. I know I’m not the only one who just feel like shit on some days, but when I take pictures there’s an inner fulfillment I get from it. Another part of me feels like a model. I’ll just keep the Model Dreams to myself for now. You can also check out those photos in the model Dreams category below. More photos to be posted, some old and new ones just to keep you posted.

 Any day now I’m finally submitted to the committee. Now I just can’t wait until I can finally have my surgery. A two-year journey finally looks to be paying off. Just when I started to have doubts. That’s when I finally got the call of a lifetime. I know when I finally have it, it will open the door to another journey but I’m ready for that journey. 

 This week overall has been great. As for my poetry go I’m just stuck a little. I think my project is dope but I don’t think others will like it. So like Cole had 4 Your Eyez Only, I got Poetic Gift as far as being a personal project. I don’t really look at making something that’s going to motivate others. This project is just for me really. That’s a fact that I’m going to accept. I know my next full project I’m going to do something different but I’m just ready to release this one.

 My meet the surgeon goal may come true for this months monthly goal. It’s a blessing to even say that. Just looking at where I started to now is crazy. I’m inches away from upgrading this body and my life and I can’t wait. 

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