Random Thoughts: Wasting

Do you ever feel like you wasting time?

 Like seriously right now your reading this blog thinking what else can I be doing that will benefit the dream I have in my head? Because that’s what I’m thinking. Writing blogs is fun and it keeps my build a brand updated. But I miss the old days when I was creating any and everything just for the self-fulfillment. Now it’s like I write to try and get some type of income. I never thought I would get to a point where I’m forcing the pen just for monetization.

 I truly want to get back to those methods of creating for fun but my pockets light. Like light, light. Like featherweight or cruiserweight. The story of my life. Just want to follow my dreams but need cash as well.

I guess today is one of them days where I wake up like why am I alive? Am I wasting my life by scrolling through the gram a thousand times throughout the day? Am I wasting time thinking about the success that can come from creating my dream book instead of actually creating that book?

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