Action (Spoken Word)

I’m tired of this shit

Every day we take hits

Bit by bit the cops try to eliminate us

I’m tired of not giving a fuck

We have been given laws to abide by

But we still getting popped leaving us to cry

And all these so-called good cops are so shy

But why

You a good cop and you stand by the law

So you know when you see a flaw

Then why don’t you say something

Instead of watching the world suffer

Oh I forgot every cop out here is just another hustler

A professional hustler

As long as you got a badge you ain’t never going to jail

Now every black man in the world isn’t alive to tell the tale

Ever since America came up with police officers it’s been a fucking blood trail

Every day we look to make it to this fairytale

Where the black people are no longer the target

We going to make it to that fairytale once every black person is eliminated

Cause that’s what it seems like every cop wants, there’s no debating it

The dream has been inflated

I don’t know why the cops have a strong hatred

This has been going on forever, the march has been replicated

The civil rights movement just got recreated

The march against police has been anticipated

Ever since Mike was shot down with his hands up

But we were too busy trying to get our bands up

We gone evolved into technology

Now they shooting us on camera with no apology

The only thing they have to say was they were scared

Wow that’s rare 

How do you bare

You scared of what

A black man with his hands up talking about don’t shoot

Or how about when you have your arms wrapped around a man’s neck and he yelling I can’t breathe

You cops are like leeches

You just keep sticking to the same lie

Like we are going to keep on letting this fly

Now it’s time to reply

The protest has been started all around the world

Bloods and crips united

It feels like I heard about this before

Oh wait it was in history class when MLK did the same thing

We need to take the extra step this time

We have to win this time

We have to make that climb

We can’t be declined

Last time we were segregated

Now we have all our brothers and sisters from all over the globe

It’s time to break the code

It’s time to take action

Summary: Something Old I put together. A piece about police violence and my opinion on everything.

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