Be Yourself (Speech)

I often hear people say they want to be somebody. But not me. I want to be me. I don’t want to be another Dr. King or another Michael Jordan. I want to be an original. You try so hard to be just like your idol when you can only be you. You work yourself up every day to be somebody else when you need to be you.

What makes Michael so amazing was his ability to go out every night and show why he was the greatest. He didn’t aspire to be another player. He put his hard work and dedication on the line and showed he was the greatest. Don’t try and be another person when you know you can strive to be better than them. The world is in your hands. Make a name for yourself. Give the world something to remember you by. Your determination to be a better you  can take you on a long journey. You can make a difference on this earth. Life is what you make of it.

Defy the odds and do you. Be you and don’t let nobody stop you. I was kept back from being me for a long time. Trapped in the shadows of others when I realized that I can be me. It doesn’t matter the circumstance beat the odds stacked against you and make a name for yourself. Show the world you’re ready for it. You have your whole life to make something of yourself. Don’t try to be like your peers. Be yourself. Don’t try to be like others. Be yourself. Be an outcast.

(Disclaimer: This is a speech I wrote when I was 17. I self-published it back then and just decided to bring it back to life on here. As always Like, Share and tell me what you think in the comments below.)

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