Let’s Talk About It: End The Silence

End the silence. I still don’t get why people are so quiet. People are dying from the police sirens and all we are doing is praying. I have been praying too, but when is it time to take action? I can’t keep sitting on the bench and watching people die. Praying to the higher power is not doing anything.

I can go down the list of excuses cops make after they murder someone. They say they scared of us. There should be no excuse for a police officer shooting a civilian. It’s no excuses when you question the people that commit a homicide. Then why do you get off with excuses? This little term scared worries me. If you’re scared to do your job then why are we paying you? If you are scared then this is clearly not the job for you. You get scared of people. I don’t understand it. You have multiple weapons on you. What you don’t think weapons scare us?

Cops carry a Flashlight. Pepper spray to nearly blind you when in danger. They have handcuffs to put you away. They have a Taser that can literally electrocute you. They have a baton that can conflict major damage on the human body. Then last but not least, there’s the pistol. These weapons surpass all the others. This weapon now a day is the first thing they grab. From then on the situation is over.

I just don’t know how you have all these weapons and is still scared. If anything the people are more scared. How are you so scared that you shoot someone? Just tell me how trigger-happy are you? You shoot people and then say you were scared. Like is that really what it has come down to. I wonder can I as a citizen shoot someone and say they were scared and win. If these cops are so scared then why are these people dying at their hands.

An unarmed male or female scare you. What scared you the most, their face when you pulled out the gun or how they hands were up? I just don’t understand why is this not the topic of discussions. People are too busy worrying about which celebrity got butt shots. What’s more important celebrities newest body parts or the citizens dying in America? It seems like celebrities win the vote each day. Why is a man or woman with a badge more important? We pay to get beat and shot like animals.

The Society is so messed up today. The worst part of it all is the evidence points towards the police being guilty. We have videos on top of videos. Eyewitnesses and still no justice. The most they ever get is fired. If I shoot someone right now, getting fired from my job will be the least of my worries. They have the witnesses. You have the bodies left from the shootings and all you say is not guilty. Half of them don’t even get a trial. I can’t even commend the ones that are trying to do something. The most people do is tare down their own neighborhood. Like setting the local store on fire is going to do anything to the police.

You just cause trouble in your own community. Why destroy your own home for someone else? These are the things that just get under my skin. Like when will it end. As always Like, Share and tell me what you think in the comments.

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