First Novel

So I have been writing a novel for some months now. Well, let’s go back I originally wrote the book within a week. I don’t want to say I rushed it but I feel like I still have more work to do. That may be just a mental thing though. I just want it to be perfect. It’s an urban fiction book with a deeper meaning behind the action, you’ll see whenever I actually release it.

I have been feeling like my biggest problem with this book is battling my self-doubt. I doubt myself and my abilities a lot. It might be just me tasting failure before and never want to taste it again. I have seen my numbers freeze on mixtapes I released. I have seen my book sales numbers never grow when I published in the past. I have seen my closest family throw my book back in the face. Trust me it’s not something you want to experience is what I’m getting at. I really want to come correct this time.

Also, my other problem is maturity. The timeline of my writing has been about 12 consecutive years. Starting around 8 and ending at 20. Within those years I have created some goofy stories. So part of my writing I have been trying to create more mature like work. In the sense of action and sex. Not all books have to acquire sex but part of me wants to accept the challenge. To nail a great sex scene that turns heads when reading.

Other than that is really marketing. Of course, I’m going to self-publish the book. Unless things change. So I really been thinking and researching ways of marketing as a self-published author. With past experiences, I know readers just don’t pop up out of thin air when you publish. But I know it can be done. So, for now, I’m going to continue to polish this book and figure out how I should advertise this book. I have been thinking about doing some sample chapters on here. But I’m still unsure at the moment. That’s just something I have to think about. See you later for now.

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