True Love (Spoken Word)

I miss this too much

I know I messed up

But all is forgiven I’m ready to sweep that under the rug

This feeling is like having a gun tucked

But can’t pull it out to do battle so I’m just fucked

I need this Spoken word to lean on like a crutch when my legs broke

I take baths with my regrets while I let the what if’s soak

Trying to revive my life and career

My mind is tired of all these wasted years 

My eyes are tired of shedding tears

While I sit and smile and act like I don’t care

When I really care

But there’s something about my emotions that I refuse to share

Unless there’s a mic involved 

Sort of like how a boxer needs his gloves

I need this mic when push comes to shove

I guess you can say this is my one true love

This was a gift from the man above

This is all i think about when i wake up

This is all i think about when I got to sleep

This will probably be what I’m known for when I’m deceased

I’m just in love with this gift inside my soul

It’s what makes me whole

I use to not have any goals

But now I know

That i got to be the greatest you’ve ever seen

Didn’t have any goals when i graduated in 2015

Now I got to be more recognizable than Jordan with 6 rings

No matter what setbacks I go through I will go down as the King

It’s just something about being able to touch souls

Something about rhyming everything together till it just fluently go together as a whole

Writing bars that’s colder than the tip of an iceberg

Letting my mind wander like Phineas and Ferb

When I went through the setback I was so disturbed

But i couldn’t just sit on the curb

I had to get back to work

Because i would go to the end of the earth

For my one True Love

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