September Goals: Update

September Goals Update:

Now that the month is about over and I’m looking back at the list I put out on the first and I can’t believe I accomplished most of the goals that I set. 

  1. So the first goal I set was finishing this Ep and I can finally say I finished the Ep.
  2. I met the weight goal. The mighty weight goal that I have been chasing for the last two years of my life.
  3. I still haven’t created a visual poem. Still need to come up with a concept.
  4. I created more poems and been working on stories. So I would say I complete the standard create more goal.
  5. As far as writing more blogs. I didn’t miss a day of blogging this month so far. So excited to say I did that.
  6. I still haven’t taken pictures. Don’t know why.
  7. Overall I feel somewhat happy. Not fully there yet.

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