Artists That Inspire Me

Artists that inspire me


  1. Joyner Lucas: His storytelling is just amazing. It inspires me to do storytelling in my pieces to prove a point.
  2. Prince Ea: I love how he creates pieces that just make you think. Make you realized things you never thought of before.
  3. Cole: I love his passion in his voice when he rap. He’s just one of those of artist that put the others to shame. He’s unique in every way. His music is always filled with some sort of substance. Not just the same old drugs, money, and sex.
  4. Trent Shelton: His motivational pieces are so great. I love the way they just inspire you to get up and go after it.
  5. Chance The Rapper: Although I’m not really a big fan of him I do love his upbringing. The way he got to the heights he is now. Being an independent artist as of right now. Seeing him make it independent just brings hope to me. Just knowing he used a service like Tunecore to get where he is now is crazy.
  6. Russ: I like the fact that he do it all. A lot of what he do with his music makes me want to take it to the next level. Audio engineer, writer, producer, singer, and rapper. Like that’s probably the first person I heard do all of those things and is independent. I think I just love how independent sound. Just something about not sharing your income with strangers. Most artists is taken advantage of from the start but that’s beside the point.

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