Depression (Spoken Word)

This is an older video that I made but I decided to put it on here as well along with the poem. Bare with me, videos are not my strong suit but I’ll make it my mission to create more. Like, comment and share. Stream & Download!


What does depression feel like?

I feel like there’s an empty space in my heart that I can’t seem to fill

No matter how much I try to build

Build up the broken relationship that I have, it still feels empty

The slightest comments will just make me angry

My temper use to only set off after a couple of attempts to hurt me

But now it feels like I’m living on the edge

Is that a clear sketch?

I’m sorry for the sarcasm that’s Just the emotions speaking

I don’t really know sometimes I just wish I could start making myself leaking

The only thing that holds me from pursuing is these words that I keep writing and speaking

The sudden urge for succeeding

You get it this poetic gift is the only thing that keeps me breathing

Sometimes I think like how did I get like this

Why do I feel like this

I use to be a happy kid

Now I just feel so sick

Sick of the fakers

Sick of the haters

Sick of the people who took my dreams and started to erase it

The same people that make me feel like a disgrace

Just pray

Thats all they say

Why do I got to pray for the mistakes you made

You mad at the outcome of me

But all I ask for you was to let me be

But you had to but in now look at your baby boy

It’s been 7 years and he’s Depressed

Barely gets rest

Wishing he can make it back to his old self

Deep down inside he knows his old self is already dead

That’s depression

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