Top 3 Favorite Music Albums

Top 3 favorite music albums


  1. J. Cole 2014 Forest hills drive: This is one of my top favorite albums simply because its different from the current state of rap. Every song sounds like he was so passionate about what he went through. The melody and flows on this project is catchy and memorable all at the same time. I believe my favorite song on here is 03’ adolescence just because I can relate to some parts of the song. And the delivery of the song. Love Yourz taught me a lot about just loving everything you have because their’s always going to be better. But other than this album I can sit and listen to this all day. This truly was his greatest album to me.
  2. Drake If Your reading this its too late: I don’t know whether this was considered an album or not but this project was dope to me. Drake music to me is like a love hate relationship. Some albums where he single I don’t like but when he rap Its always love. Like his latest project. Loved the first half hated the rest. Sometimes when he sing I really like but most times no. This project was mainly rap and every song is some of his best work. Energy is literally in my top 5 favorite songs.
  3. J. Cole Word The sideline story: Another Cole album I know. Sorry, he’s my favorite. This was early cole but none of his songs could top lost ones. The delivery again is what I admire. I love the storytelling on records its just what draws me closer to the artist. I believe I heard records before where the artist told a story in his voice. But he took it further when he changed up his voice. That inspired some of my pieces to not have any limits when recording.

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