Why did you start blogging?


The Why I been trying to figure out as well. Maybe it was just something to do but I tried to come up with reasons for my actions below. Hope you enjoy, like and comment.


Limitless Content

What I meant about that is that I wouldn’t have a limit to what I can post. I wanted a platform where I can post any type of written word and even pictures, audios and videos. Basically, I wanted a platform where I can post my creations and also my life in general. The only way I kept seeing was like youtube or blogging and other things of that nature. I still want to do youtube but not at the moment.  But blogging seemed like my best bet because I can post really whatever I wanted with no real limit as far as word count and all.



Also I really just wanted a platform where I can release content on a daily. I feel like sometimes it’s easier for me to write it than to say it, so I really wanted something that I can write on. Also, it’s a place where anyone who wants to hear more about me and work from me can go and just read. I guess I really started blogging for the opportunity to create a fan base. That’s something I really lack at the moment. There’s no use in creating content if there’s no audience to give feedback.



 This one I’m really doubting if I should write or not but I kind of want to keep this honest blog going so I do want money from the blog. But it’s not all I’m chasing. The recognition matters most to me but I can’t act like blogging alone with no income will get me as far as I want to go. It’s just how life really is in my eyes. I think that really sums up why I started blogging.

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