Empty Thoughts (Spoken Word)

Mentally Abused 

Used by my peers

Just want to get away but  get away to where

And to get away I will have to face my fears

I wish this majestic creature they call Jesus would just appear

Wishing he would take this life and switch gears

I keep wishing and praying 

That there will finally be some saving

But I still don’t see none

Mind starts racing like maybe God wants another son

But I know my life not done

I wish I could run

But run to where run to who

What do I do

I’m just so broken

When I say this all I hear is men are supposed to be strong 

But wrong 

I am broken

Broken like that puzzle you tried to move and every piece fell on the floor

I am broken like a boy who never seen his father again after he said he was going to the store

Although I ask for help from the lord

I never get a response because I feel like I’m broken because of me

Not the almighty god it was me

I weep and weep

I lose sleep

Because of me 

I’m just left with these empty thoughts

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