Don’t Ask Me That Sh*t (Spoken Word)

6’2, 430 pounds, wearing a size 15

I been like this since I was a teen

After this poem, I’m going to have my message ringing in your head like a ringtone

Let me change my tone for a sec

I just got something I really want to get off my chest

Have you ever felt like you weren’t at your best

Because too many people give you stress

All my life too many people been sucking on me like a baby sucking on a breast

I can never get any rest

It don’t matter where I go north, south, east or west

I still get stressed

Have you ever walked around in public and people ask you do you play football

I say no

Then they ask me again and again everywhere I go

They like tics they go everywhere I go

Some just don’t understand my struggle

I was born tall

That don’t mean I have to ball

I hate when people talk to me about football

I really want to hit them with a ball

I’m big and tall just respect it

Just because I don’t ball don’t mean I’m infected

I already got neglected

Everyday people think I’m ungrateful

Boy if I was your age and size 

Boy if you don’t get the fuck up out of here

I just hate when people in my ear

People talk down on me thinking I’m going to shed a tear

I have no fear

People really think I care

They keep banging on me like a fucking snare

How do I really bare

They want me to ball to become a millionaire

News flash I have my own dream

And in my dream, I am the captain

I’m tired of acting

They keep asking me why did I quit

I’ll tell you why

Because I’m tired of the shit

I can admit

My football experience wasn’t shit

But It was enough

Enough to tell me K. this isn’t you

Your big and tall but you don’t want to ball

The only reason you out here is to show your family that you can do it all

Have you ever seen your mother look down on you

The one person that you want to make proud

Look down like you weren’t even hers

That type of thing made me want to ride away in a hearse

But quitting my dreams made me feel worst

But first 

I got to say I hate when people tell me to wait

These tracks is my practice and I’m lifting them like weights

You know what’s funny 

The same people that tell me to wait

Is the same people that told me to go to practice each day

The same ones that took me to my games

The same people that told me to go pro

The same ones that told me the way to get there is to go

But for me to be a writer I have to wait

 So each poem I bring the hate

I’m going to be great

No debate

And I aint told nobody this

I got a letter in 12 talking about going to train for a football team

That was never my dream

I had to come out that deep water like a marine

I lit that paper on fire when I was seventeen

All my peoples want is the green

They always thought about the green

That’s why I was forced so I had to make it unseen

I blew it to smithereens

Receive a phone call the next week

They wanted me to ball for their team

Nothing was about to come in between

Between me and my dream

Not again got away clean

This is my notice

Don’t ask me that shit

It’s K. Exum the author and poet

If don’t like it, die slow


  1. Jeez Louise, that’s love man ❤. That’s the harsh reality of love. I just want to go over to you and give you a hug. Not to shelter you, but to say, “yes! You got it! You’re finally doin g you.” Good job man. Keep being you and never lose your love for what you do 💛.

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