Ways I Get Out Of A Writers Block


  1. read: Sometimes when I’m out of options I just read. It helps me just get in that creative zone just reading through someone else work.
  2. writing prompts: This always helps me. Most times I don’t even use the prompt, it just helps spark different ideas.
  3. Listen to music: Sometimes and I emphasize sometimes. If it’s an emotional song or a deep song it may help me think of something to write.
  4. Listen to Spoken Word: This helps when I’m writing a poem. Especially if the poem is talking about the same topic I want to write about.
  5. Reading Old Work: When I’m completely out of ideas. I would sit and listen to old pieces or read old stories and become inspired to either create a better version than what I already have. Or ideas may spark and I would just start to think of something new.
  6. Drive: Sometimes when I’m just driving I come up with new ideas. I don’t know why I guess because most times I’m alone and thinking a lot while I travel from point A to Point B.
  7. Open Mic: Even though I don’t go to get out of a block. I still always come out of it with new ideas.

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