Changes (Spoken Word)

The other day I heard a great message said by Prince Ea

He said it’s not about what happens to you

It’s about how you handle them

I became obese over the years so I hit the gym

Lost some weight now I’m feeling great

All my life I felt like I was in a crate

I turned to god now I feel like I escaped

This entire time people have been telling me to stop

That made my heart stop

Like a heart attack

I tried to keep my feelings intact 

But I started losing it all in the wait

I don’t know if you can relate

I was just tired of being put down

I felt like I was down for the count like Frazier

But I was just losing my character

Like Birdman

I’m just not going to say it no more

I was tired of being everyone’s rug

It was like people was addicted to stepping on me like their addicted to drugs

I was just not getting love

When I realized I was just complaining

Now I’m stopping the complains and making changes

I was told to wait for a chance

Now I’m taking chances 

I was on the defense for so long

Now I’m switching to offense just to prolong

Everyone starts in a bad place

But its about the ones who change the pace

Life is never a race

People are always stuck on whose on the chase

But never think about there own case

Then say their life is a waste

Just wanting it to be erased

Then they blame the way they were raised

News flash all these icons came from poverty

Without committing robberies

So what is your excuse

I been going up and down my whole life

Like an elevator

Now I’m sitting in the middle like I’m levitating

Life is devastating

But it can be worst

I can be in the ground or jail

Just because you take L’s

Don’t mean you fail

Take what life throws at you and make changes


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