Places to Write

This is going to be short. But I have been thinking about my favorite places to write. Most of the times when I write it is almost everywhere. If your a writer or aspiring writer you will know that there is a sudden itch you just get randomly wherever you are to write. That’s how it is most of the time but sometimes you just want to write so you try to find a place that you can concentrate.

  1. For me, I really like to write in a Library. In one of those small cubicles, just to be secluded and out of the way.
  2. Other times I find peace inside of a dark room, with everything off. Phones on do not disturb is how I get the most done.
  3. Also the dining room table. Just because it’s unusual. I like to be out of the comfort zone sometimes just to bring myself to create. Sometimes when the area is too comfortable I get distracted. For you just try different places in your home and see how you feel in different areas.



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