Top 5 Favorite: TV Shows

Power: absolutely love power it’s like watching a full-blown movie every Sunday. Especially this season has been filled with unexpected surprises. I love how nobody on the cast is safe. Even when a character dies the writers are so good they make the show even better now that they’re gone. I don’t want to spoil nothing so I’ll leave it at that.

George Lopez: If you never watch this show when it was on you was definitely missing out on a good laugh. I’m not even a big George fan but this show made me a fan. I still watch the reruns almost every night.

Claws: This show is growing on me. I originally started watching it last year because it looked interesting from the previews. I’m still watching the second season so bare with me.

Family Guy: Family Guy might be my all time favorite show. It’s very random and hilarious to me. I could literally sit and watch every episode for days. I know some aren’t a fan but I am.

American Dad: Just like Family Guy this show is hilarious. Seth MacFarlane is a genius for creating these shows.

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