What inspires me to write?

 Inspirations to write is a variety for me. It’s really a gift in its own right. Ever since I was a cub I have always had this sudden urge to write. So when I’m bored, sad, angry, happy, relaxed I write. It really just comes naturally to me. I write at all times of the day in spurts. A little here a little there.

Other times I’m inspired by covers. It’s odd but sometimes when I see a book or album cover that looks very detailed and it looks deeper in meaning. It just drives me to create. In a way, you can say I’m driven by pictures. Also sometimes a good prompt will lead to an elaborate story. The story that I’m working on came from a great prompt I saw on this Site. The prompt can be as little as a couple of words. But I can feed off that. Last but not least, society. Most of my poems, I was inspired by society. The rebel mentality just took over. I’m kidding but just certain situations I just wanted to give my opinion on it. Whether I didn’t like how the situation was handled and wanted to talk about it or dwell on why it happened. In conclusion, I’m inspired by just being alive. The gift that ignites the ideas in my soul. Just makes me want to create more and more. 

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