Shy (Spoken Word)

I don’t know why you’re still around

I want to get from underground 

But you continue to surround

I continue to stay true to the battleground 

But you continue to pound

Leaving me with a frown

It was okay for you to be here when I was little on the playground

I’m trying to make a come up

But you continue to corrupt 

You messed up my first performance 

It’s not even funny like Martin Lawrence 

That was supposed to be a dope performance 

I was going to talk about shutting down the violence

I can’t help but be mad at myself

I should have been threw you on the shelf

You is bad for my health

I want you to let me out the cell

For years they said I was in a shell 

I want to come out of the shell

I’m tired of this shell

I can’t take another L like meek

I have to break the streak

I need to get back up and speak 

I still want to speak to my crush

I’m in a rush

You in the way 

You need to die 

Do you know how many chances you messed up for me

I just want you to run out stamina like GNC

Or get Crushed by a GMC

You make me want to flee

I been filled with grieve

But you messed it up

I just want to spread my wings and fly

But I can’t do that unless you die

I have to rise


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