Weekly Thoughts #4

I’m one track away from putting this ep out. It’s been a long journey to releasing another project. The last project I put out was early 2017. So it’s been a while since I really put something out. But on another note, I have been researching a lot lately about blogging. Trying to find ideas to keep this blog up and running every day. I think I been doing good lately. I believed the only day I really missed was yesterday. I just decided to take a break. I see why a lot of bloggers say this is like a job. Just trying to figure out what to write about when you’re having a dry spell.

As far as weight I’m falling but I can get up. Like sometimes it feels like a never-ending cycle. I went from feeling so happy for my work to looking like a complete idiot. I did it to myself so I can’t even dwell. Doctors appointment in two weeks I’m just going to give these weeks my all. This body is going to go through hell for the goal. Don’t worry I know my limit, I won’t kill myself in the process. On the upside, I found this prompt on this website that was so good. It sparked a story idea that I can’t wait to share on my blog. I’m thinking about doing the story in parts to keep the story going throughout the upcoming weeks. Just an idea for now. That’s it for this week’s Thoughts.


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