Story Time: First Poem

 Let me start from the beginning. I have always told myself one day I’ll probably start writing poems. I have been writing stories since I was a cub. I have written speeches. So I knew deep down it was bound to happen. 

 One day I just kept seeing Nick Cannon post-Spoken Word Videos. So it caught my attention after a couple of videos I was hooked by what I was hearing. I listened to other people on YouTube like Trent Shelton, Prince Ea, and Clayton Jennings.  I wanted to get a good feel for it. So afterward, I just gave it a shot. I wrote A poem called New World. It was about everything going on in the world in 2016. But it just had a catchy little spin on it. I believe my favorite lines came from the beginning when I said:

Welcome to the New World

When you think of New World what comes to mind

The whip, dab, Kim K, or maybe Caitlyn Jenner

The only things comes to my mind is

Momma’s crying, Teens dying, Cops lying

The media blinding the human eye

The only things we thinking about is getting high

To explain those lines was simply the attention span we have. I said we because my eyes aren’t revolutionary all the time as well.  At the time, the popular dances were what everyone was doing at the time. Talking about celebrities was on a lot of people’s mind but cops were putting more people in the dirt. As well as citizens putting other citizens in the dirt. More parents were losing their kids. The media was twisting stories in my eyes. But legalizing marijuana was the topic of discussion. I’m all for it. But losing lives to gun violence felt like the obvious topic to talk about.

After I wrote it I wanted to recite it. I believe I found a beat on YouTube and used it. I put the piece together and I listened to it over and over but I just wasn’t sure about it. So I let someone else hear it. I let a friend of the family hear it and they loved it. Why a friend outside of blood? I guess because I wanted a real answer from someone who wasn’t going to worry about hurting my feelings.

I put the piece out 3 days later. It was written February 25, 2016, and released on the 28th. I put it on Facebook for starters and my Facebook is filled with family members I barely talk to and old friends. So I had some compliments on site and off. Also uploaded it to Youtube. I really loved the recognition really just hearing people say Lil dog(Old nickname) or Man man(Another old nickname) is so talented. From then on I have released 4 mixtapes on Spinrilla and one single on every digital music store on the globe. What can I say an experiment led me to complete happiness. I love what I write and I look forward to creating more and establishing myself more. Full Piece Below.

New World:

  • Welcome to the New World
  • When you think of New World what comes to mind
  • The whip, Dab, Kim K or Caitlyn Jenner
  • The only things comes to my mind is
  • Momma’s crying, teens dying, and cops lying
  • The media blinding the human eye
  • The only things we could think about is getting high
  • Letting our brains fry
  • While cops continue to let bullets fly
  • The whole world going up in flames R.I.P to Ricky Cole
  • Too many people hearts are filled with coal
  • So what’s the goal
  • Let everyone die then we take control
  • By then too many people will be in the hole
  • I see Trump stole the show
  • So what we going to do now that we have a racist prick in the white house
  • Is we going to finally take off our blouse
  • And stand up like a real man
  • Oops I didn’t mean to concede the beautiful strong intelligent women
  • But it seems that they don’t exist
  • Cause all I see is thotties on the gram showing they ass for cash
  • I wonder what will happen when two cultures get together and clash against the badge
  • I mind as well scratch the math cause we know that’s never going to happen
  • I’m deeply sadden by the matter
  • We are scattered around the world but still not together in mind
  • This world is so undefined
  • I recommend you listen to trap music and follow the trend just so you can fit in
  • Maybe sniff some heroin
  • That’s the only genuine things going on
  • This world is so uncommon
  • I’m not understanding why being gay is the worst thing
  • He gay, she gay, they don’t deserve to live
  • But you steady shooting each other and fighting
  • But I guess that’s degrading
  • This shit really getting irritating
  • It’s just discriminating
  • This world is fascinating
  • People so cruel they make people call it quits
  • Then wonder why we have suicide deaths
  • Through all the distress
  • So many are discriminated against
  • Like give them a chance
  • They say the guys are not right
  • But if we were to go by the book then everyone would be in hell
  • If I recall sex is a sin
  • But I guess being gay outweigh it all
  • But who am I to know
  • I don’t swing that way
  • But I have been discriminated against
  • I know the consequence
  • I know the same old being black you don’t have many options
  • But when you 6’2 and over 400 pounds
  • They automatically think you ball
  • But if I recall you don’t pick your body
  • I know that feeling of trying to fit in
  • But when you realize its not you
  • You try to break out and get a clue
  • Just to stay true
  • But your constantly overdue
  • You don’t have to listen to me
  • I’m just a young kid who graduated high school but didn’t go to college cause he felt like he didn’t need the knowledge
  • I’ll go back to my chair and sit with the underprivileged
  • New World

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