Freeze (Spoken Word)

This piece was also featured on my 4th mixtape, Words of Fury 



My name is Derek Johnson

But to this cop my name is nonsense 

I think about this constant 

I can tell by his facial expression all he seen was ignorance 

My parents always told me when dealing with a officer to always put on my best performance 

I guess my performance wasn’t good enough 

This cop was rough

He was tough

As tough as can be when no ones fighting back

I can tell he felt like a big man 

Their profession is a certified bully

But I’m the bad guy cause I sag my pants and I wear a Scully

They the ones shooting more than curry

More and more people buried 

Life gone in a flurry

They got the government behind them  doing us dirty

Now let me tell my story 

I was on my way back home cause I left my phone

While on the way home I got pulled over

I tried to keep my composure 

So this could be a quick pullover

Didn’t ask for ID told me to step out the car, he changed the game like an AI crossover 

He said do you know how fast you was going

I responded to keep the conversation flowing

I said I was doing 30 in a 35 zone

He said do you realize that you was operating a vehicle while using a phone

I said it’s funny that you mention my phone

Cause I left my phone at home 

I could tell that last sentence had him blown

Grabbed me and threw me against the car, felt like a little kid the way I was thrown

Turned me around and started searching me

He started yelling In my ear

You think you so bad

I’m going to show you bad

I had so much fear

Had his hands all in my money like a cashier 

Turned me around, I could see it in his eyes that he didn’t care

Pulled out his gun

I was stunned

He smiled like he was having fun

I started to beg for mercy

Please no, have mercy 

He looked at me like I was unworthy 

A quick traffic stop got so curvy

He said see you in hell

Lined up the gun real well

Said freeze then gave me my farewell 


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