Weekly Thoughts #3

This week has been amazing. I thought last week was great when I realized that I was at my lowest in the previous three years. But this week I thought I was falling off again. Some late night thinking made me step on the scale at 3 in the morning, and I saw my weight go down 3 pounds in the last five days. Not much but for me, I usually shed 3 pounds a month. So to see it in a week felt terrific. So excited after that I couldn’t even believe it. I kept getting on and off to make sure also went down to my birthday suit to make sure. I had to put in some hours in the gym afterward. Came home and fell asleep to wake up to see I lost another 3 pounds.

I’m 3 pounds away from the weight goal that I been chasing for the past two years, the emotions I have right now feels so good. In the gym, I’m a hard worker, but my eating has always been the problem. It’s not even like I eat a lot of snacks and sweets. I eat low-fat meals and stuff, but I use to eat a lot of it. Most times I wasn’t even hungry. I guess you can say I learned from my mistakes.

Other than the weight loss journey I have been focused on this blogging thing. Making sure I keep up with posting every day with good content. I have been coming up with a lot of different ideas. I don’t know what type of blog this is supposed to be. I would say writing based kind of blog, but I also like the whole lifestyle blogging way as well. I’m just going to really do me on this blog and not really care about the labels for now. I’m looking to put together a story for my blog. That’s the goal as of right now. It has been at least a year since I wrote one. I have just been writing a lot of poetry. But for now, I’ll keep posting poems. I have to thank all the readers that I have received so far. I hope I continue to grow as a writer and blogger. See you next week.

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