Top 5 Favorite: Songs

I’m a hip-hop fanatic so expect hip hop songs. Maybe on a later date, I will have some other genres of music on my list but for now, these are my top favorite songs. My list changes from time to time so for now this is what I have.


Lost Ones by J. Cole

The flow he came with on this record was memorable. The story was perfect and it was so relatable as it could have been about anyone’s situation.  I have heard storytelling songs before but he took the extra mile when he took his voice to a higher pitch to match the woman’s tone. That inspires my poetry every day. It really showed me not to have any limits when creating. //“>Lost Ones

Stan By Eminem ft Dido 

Ths is one of my top favorites just because of the delivery. It was so interesting, the crazed fan that took out his own impregnated girlfriend was so poised. The switch between characters didn’t even feel real. The video put everything on display. Even without the video, you can just picture everything in your head by the way the song was put together. Just simply art at its best. //“>Stan


I’m on one by Dj Khaled ft Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne 

I  love this song but I really don’t know why. It was just so chill and smooth when I listen to it. Its one of those songs you just love but can’t put the feeling it gives you into words.

//“>I’m On One

Hope by Ace Hood

One of the most underrated songs he ever created. The flow he had on this was simply amazing.  You should give it a listen. It’s a must-have on my gym playlist. //“>Hope

Sorry by Joyner Lucas

I love a good story. The story of a friend killing themselves because of issues they felt like they couldn’t resolve. It really opened eyes to how others are affected by your suicide death and how it makes others feel especially someone like your friend. If you haven’t heard this song I recommend it to the highest point. //“>Sorry

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