Minor Setback (Spoken Word)

Minor Setback:

Wow I never thought I would be thinking like this

Although my mind couldn’t resist

Every day I’m looking for an assist

But that’s not what life consists

Instead, I get a fist

Then I often drift

Because I wonder what life really is

I often listen to too many voices

Telling me to take a pause on my wishes

In my mind, I couldn’t make no promises

Cause every time I turned on the tv I seen Steph chasing his dream 

I have seen Cam going all out for his team

Every day I see people take it to the extreme

Just to reign supreme

All these people stood tall like a marine

But I was told to wait

This really made me stuck

It had me thinking that life sucks

But It was my tough luck

So it made me change my mood to I don’t give a fuck

Excuse my French

I was just tired of being hit with a wrench

It feels terrible sitting on the bench

In life you are born then you live then you die

I was born in 97 but I don’t feel like I lived yet

And that makes me upset

Life has been going by fast like a corvette

And I have been looking for a reset

But there is no time to reflect

This word has been roaming through my mind lately

Don’t take this lightly


If I die tomorrow can I say I did everything that I wanted to do

No, I would just be screwed

Because I actually stopped working

And started to wait

Tomorrow is not promised

I’m just being honest

If I die I want to be a great novelist

Not someone who waited

I have to stay motivated

Each day I feel like I got the skill

But my fans have already split

They left after 78 went up in flames and special K died forever

But it’s whatever

Because K will live forever

It was a minor setback in the beginning 

Because my mind was still spinning

I couldn’t pick between making myself happy and making my momma proud

I was really loving the crowd

But following my dreams was never allowed

But following my body was always allowed

I was in a major drought

Just trying to find my route

All along I have been silent like a flute

And been going through a dispute

A dispute that lasted way too long

Project after project without a pat on the back

Man I’m so trapped

I’m just going through a minor setback

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