Woke (Spoken Word)


Ok that’s it I’m awake

My brain is just shaking like a earthquake

My life is at stake

Was my like a mistake

Do being black make you a mistake

Because in the hospital did the doctor hold me and say he’s going to be a fine young gentleman

Or did he say I was going to get shot at night and my killer will be set free like Zimmerman 

And no one would do anything about it not even the government 

Or how about shot with my hands up like Crutcher and brown

Or will I live my life worried about the cops putting me down

Oh you hear that sound

That’s the Feds about to claim there next victim

Each day we are a victim to the system

We will work for a check

And before we could enjoy it like sex

We got to give a portion to the government for all their hard work

They put many of our black people in the dirt

For over 200 years they made them work

They overwork

Barely slept

Just dirt all over them

No freedom

Put on chains

200 years of pain

They had to sustain

They had to stay in they lane

If they run they would starting cutting you 

They sold you all over for some revenue

I’ll give credits where it’s due

They the toughest people I ever heard about 

Then they were finally given freedom

Freedom to be around each other 

They was still separated from society

Now they live to make an honest dollar

While people still hear hollers

From beatings and shooting from cops

People scared to get stopped

It’s a heavy chance that they get popped

Some say it’s the way they dress

The way I dress make you think less

If I’m black and sag I get shot cause I look suspicious 

But white in sag don’t even get a second glance

I’m tired of this same old stance

In America we don’t get a chance 

They wonder why we chant

Why we stand 

Why we scared

Because we are woke

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