Top 5 Favorite: People To Follow

Top 5 Favorite people to follow:

The following people listed below are from Instagram. The people I like to follow are content creators. I don’t know maybe it’s just seeing someone else go out and grind, makes me want to do the same. Or most times I would follow pages that post inspirational quotes or sometimes excerpts from poems. That’s what leads to my list of Top Five people I love to follow and keep up with their content. If you know any other people I should follow on Instagram leave a comment below, and I’ll be sure to check out their pages as well.


Great page to follow. The way he talks about the world and how he doesn’t shy away from the truth. A lot of his content and what he talks about I face now so hearing the remedy for my problems is useful to take in on the daily. Also, his post is so consistent, its like he keeps you motivated as the days go by. Gary Vee Instagram



Same as Gary Vee but way more intense delivery. Hearing his struggles with high school and changing the outcome of his mistakes plus everything he says makes you want to get up and move. Just start working out for no apparent reason. Etthehiphoppreacher Instagram



A motivational page filled with quotes and videos of people giving speeches. Not ordinary people mainly people that are and were successful in their fields of living. Goal Cast Instagram



This page post poets from all around the world reciting their poems. So being a fan of poetry, I connect to this page on a daily. I’ve even been posted on this page once a while back. Artlixirspoken Instagram





I love his spoken word. As a fan, I keep up with his page just for some of his new pieces. Also, he makes an inspirational post sometimes that reconciles with me and many others judging by the number of comments and likes on his posts. Trent Shelton Instagram


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