Album Promo (Spoken Word)


Yo I don’t think they understand 

They talking bout running around with that heat

Until their mans got 6 on em like Lebron James 

This world, not a game 

And I just speak the truth through these flames

You could have all the guns in the world 

But still, get caught slipping 

You think your mans with you he be the same one wetting you up

Nah I can not let up

Man I’m too fed up

Someone speaking the truth is a traitor 

But what about people shooting each other for the government paper

You do their labor

Shoot more and more you controlling the population 

You helping them clean up the world like sanitation 

I could speak the truth all day but I don’t got the patience 

It’s only one of me in the world that will tell you something good

It’s a million others that will tell you something hood 

The only thing the government is good at is finding drug dealers 

Not because you black that’s just the teaser

It’s because they not getting a cut

Man I’m done teaching 

They not willing to listen 

They Going wait till they see their blood dripping 

This life will get you caught up like money flipping

People in the hood be gunning down rats

They need to shoot them self 

Cop shoot someone you record and share it

Nigga in the hood shoot someone you ain’t see shit

Who really the rat

I’m going crazy this year 

These other artists can’t mess with me, ooo I smell fear

Just wait and see like a movie trailer 

Blind Coming Soon

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